Home Emergency Launch Pad



The Product:



With more and more homes eliminating their land line carriers and turning to cell phones as their source of communication, there is a problem when it comes to contacting First Responders. Especially when a cell phone is not readily available. We’ve resolved that problem with the Home Emergency Launch Pad aka/ HELP.



The system uses GPS Technology combined with Bluetooth, WIFI and/or Cell Service. Because WIFI may be disabled in a emergency it’s important that a cell signal be available. In the US and Canada, wireless phone operators are required by law to connect all calls to 911 services, whether the customer account has an active cell phone account, past due or even canceled. Therefore no monthly fee is required to use and operate the system. It also allows SMS functionality to text to a 911 operator if available in the users geographic area.


The system can be downloaded as an APP to a tablet, cell phone or PC. However we also offer a stand-alone product that can be mounted to a phone jack where a home or office telephone once existed. This takes advantage of existing outlets and a trickle charge to keep the unit powered up.


Clients should be aware that a location signal will be transmitted to a 911 operator once activated. This stand-alone device has built in GPS receivers, allowing first responders to receive radio signals from satellites to accurately determine the very precise location of the user. If someone opps for the software download option only, it must be downloaded to a cellphone, tablet or PC that allows wifi or cellular access in order to function properly. This makes for great use of old tablets and cellphones.



We suggest common places that you typically would have installed a land line. Such as your bed side, kitchen, exit doors or where land lines once existed. This product is not limited to the home. It may be installed in RV’s. Vehicles, Classrooms, Offices, Used for events and mobile applications.


PROCEDURE to activate by the user:

FIRST: Select Police, Fire or Ambulance

SECOND: Key in threat level (Prepopulated)

THIRD: “PRESS TO CALL” after that point the system is automated.


In the event GPS is not available, an automated voice will alert first responders to the units address. This is pre-program in the system on the back-end of the app. When GPS is available, the wireless provider can get a fairly accurate location of the unit by analyzing it’s signal and the location of the towers that are receiving it. This will also function as a communication device to 911 operators if the unit it is installed on allows it. 


For mobile users, the system uses GPS & PIN DROP features which utilize built in technology. Where GPS features are absent or in lieu of, the user may pre-program the device with a specific address. “Pin Drop” technology is especially useful when a address is unknown.


Once you activate the system by selecting the type of call (Police, Fire or Ambulance), a drop down screen will display asking you to identify the incident type. The device comes pre-populated with emergency categories. These may be edited by user to remove categories that will never be used. 


A typical call to 911 will alert First Responders with the following message: “This is an Emergency Alert Call from (Your Address or GPS Coordinates) – The Threat level is (Type of threat user selected). To contact the owner of the home call xxx.xxx.xxxx or type 1 now.”  It will continue to repeat itself until the 911 operator disconnects.



  • No land line in home, office, apartment, school, etc.
  • Can be installed on Vehicle Navigation Systems*
  • Lost cell phone, need alternate 911 access
  • Cell phone loses power
  • Intruder in the home and you want to remain silent
  • Land lines are disconnected or cut
  • Battery power in cell phone is dead
  • When voice calling is not an option
  • Recreational activities such as hiking, trail runs, kayaking anywhere a specific address is not available.


*Consult with Auto Dealer for availibility


Above photo represents the screen image of the app and/or the actual stand-alone device that is always on. Lights on the side of the device will blink red when the device is activated and will illuminate a blue color when in standby mode. 


Where to install?

  • classroom2
  • homes
  • classroom1
  • mobile
  • events
  • office


  • Stationary Device: Know where unit is at all times, always on
  • Mobile Devices: Uses GPS and Pin Drop locator
  • Super Fast – No waiting for a 911 Operator, allows you to focus on getting your family, staff, guests into a safe place. Call should take less than 5 seconds to activate.
  • Faster response time by Emergency Responders
  • Simple to activate
  • When location is unknown to the user while involved in recreational activities like running trails, kayaking, boating, etc. the device has built in locator features. 
  • Where noise levels are too high to make a clear call. (Events)
  • Gives 911 operators access to your device camera (optional)

Vehicle Application / Navigation Systems

911 Operator can access vehicle cameras when available.*

How are calls transmitted?

Calls are transmitted multiple ways and assigned to the system by the user during set-up.  You have the option to send calls via built in cell service (A cell signal must be available) , via SMS, BLUETOOTH® or WIFI and/or your Cell Phones Hot Spot (Which option(s) you use will depend on the availability at your location). 


There is also an option to send additional alerts to parties other than 911. For example a 911 call may be placed from your home or office unit while you are away. Your unit will send a text message to any number of people you assign indicating the device has been activated and the type of call made.


2nd PHASE OF DEVELOPMENT: Municipalities that adopt the program may at their option, also receive calls via a software system that will give them an additional layer of access That includes accessing the units camera, audio features and IP address. This will give 911 operators a visual of the situation and ability to talk to the user if needed. The feature will also allow municipalities to push emergency notifications to users in the area.


Device is PRE-SET with incident types that notify 911 operator the level of threat involved.

Police Dispatch

Suspicious Person Activity, Traffic Accident, Animal Complaint, Assault with weapon, Disturbances, Trespassing, Noise Disturbance, Domestic Abuse, Public Intoxication, Drug Activity

Fire Dispatch

Barbecue Fire, Confined Space Rescue, Fire, Fire Alarm, Gas Leak, Explosion, Wires down


Heart attack, Strokes, Bleeding, Head injury, Trouble breathing, serious burns, Broken bones, Unresponsive (Coma), Drug Overdose, Heat Stroke, Drowning